Erotica 67

Big City Walls Workshop with Erotica @ The Young Women Leadership Schools- Harlem

What a blast working with The Young Women Leadership Harlem Team. It was a hot day in July when they took a trip to The Secret Garden in Brooklyn. There they saw the 1,000 square foot mural created through Big City Walls with Diva, Toofly, Shiro, Fever, Jes One, Madge, AM, Mama KStar, JN178 and myself (Erotica 67).

After the brief tour of the wall it was time to work. They were cooling down under the trees where the tables were placed. Girls worked on a design that inspires them or makes them happy. So glad to see the many peace signs, flowers, books, butterflies and smiley faces that they drew. Time for the big meeting where we would put all our ideas together. Ideas flew from everywhere that I ran outta space on the paper. whew... The second class we were ready to paint the town. There was a snag in the plan so we were not able to paint on the wall at 106th and Lex but perhaps in the future. No worries... A wall was created for some inside painting. 40 young ladies, 6 counselors, 1 team leader, paint and mad brushes equals 1 impressive piece of work. The young ladies worked on representing their community and the love and inspirations they are surrounded by.

These young ladies really love their school and the community they are in and it clearly shows in their mural that will be hung up inside the school for all to see. Thanks Emilia for this great opportunity in Big City Walls. The team leader and counselors of TYWLS Harlem are one of a kind strong and caring woman and with out them it would not have gone so smoothly and effectively. Enjoy the pics.  Erotica